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    Our phones are refurbished respecting scrupulously with the manufacturers recommendations. This allows us to guarantee 1 year !
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    Payment on our website is 100% secured by a famous French bank or Paypal as your preference for your safety.
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About us

Vintage phone and refurbished phone... It's here :-)

Vintage MobileNostalgic of your games of "Snake" on your old Nokia 3310, want to get your own famous phone of your youth or to affirm your difference? Then you are welcome on this website! Forget your daily on-connected, here is BACK TO BASICS ! So easy.

Vintage Mobile is positioned against the current of the current supply and offers refurbished phones of all times, all tastes, all brands (Even those disappeared!) And for every budget. We carry the opportunity to find your refurbishing phone, while cultivate a fun and retro aesthetics. Modernity and design in all sobriety.
Vintage Mobile is involved in strong values, especially in support of sustainable development. Adopt an ecological approach by recycling these phones often impossible to destroy, respectful of the environment, but also the reuse of yet functional products.
Cases, batteries, chargers ... if our offer is unique, we are nevertheless equally attentive to your needs than our competitors. So you will find on our website, all associated equipment, whether for your Mobile Vintage mobile or your last reconditioned Smartphone.
Young or old, passionate about vintage items, simply tired of hyper-connectivity or for a treat next? Join the Vintage Mobile word.

And again a big THANK YOU to all who follow us from the beginning, this is also thanks to you that we hear of Vintage Mobile from Brazil to Japan.
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