Secure payment




3D-Secure: the guarantee of payment online

What is it?

3D Secure is a program created by international issuers Visa (Verified By Visa) and MasterCard (MasterCard Secure Code) to enhance the security of card payments on the Internet.

The objective is twofold:

- Reduce the risk of fraud, particularly identity theft and unpaid dispute relating to the payment order
- Provide Internet buyers a payment process reassuring and secure.

This program is based on the introduction of additional control when making a purchase online. To operate, the merchant and the user must be enrolled in the payment device 3D-Secure.

How it works?

  1. The user makes a purchase on a 3D-Secure website;
  2. Upon payment of the order, the customer enters his usual banking information (card number, expiry date and CVV);
  3. If the customer is registered 3D-Secure, the cardholder is returned to the authentication of the bank site.
  4. The client authenticates to the bank.
  5. After validation of this seizure by the user agreement and the bank of the latter, the bank of the buyer transmits an agreement to continue shopping checkout process.
  6. Proof of payment of 3D-Secure is archived.


Secure payment

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