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Phones: vintage appeal
What did you do with your old mobile phones? Because they are worth gold! It is even a real trend: give high-tech smartphones to turn to vintage mobile. No 4G, no touchscreens.


Blog Mobilesvintage

Blogger influence, is THE informative blog dedicated to the field of retrophones. So a big thank you as we pass him for the kind words he addresses us in the article "How to find a mobile vintage? , "In which he makes reference to our brand.

Indeed, as this blog says so well, we offer unique products stars thanks to work reconditioning shoot. It is with pleasure that we strongly recommend you to go take a look at what you are like us sitesi fan of vintage phones! You can be sure to find solid information on many models of phones offers by our shop: their stories, anecdotes, ...

Press picked up by AFP

The Agence France-Presse (AFP) is a global news agency disseminating information quickly, certified and relevant information on events of all kinds which are international news and in all forms, videos, text, photos, multimedia and graphics ...

Items recognized quality and diffuse by many media themselves very influential around the planet. That is why we are very proud of the article written by AFP presenting our activity, echoed by several notable foreign magazines on their own website: Business Day Live, The Australian News, Oman Tribune, Taipei, Phys Org, SBS Opus Zoo, the Japan Times, ... just to name a few! We thank them for it is certainly thanks to them that VintageMobile owes its so fast and strong international development.

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Famous female magazine, the pages of the monthly editions of Cosmopolitan desmillions are read by women of the planet, and since already more than forty years by the French of all ages.

Love, sexuality, psychology, fashion, beauty: it treats, always with a certain touch of humor, he considers problematic own a contemporary woman. In addition, a time of Web 2.0, like all media, Cosmopolitan has developed its own website on which it addresses similar issues, delivering news available on all media to its readers.

It is on the latter, that Cosmopolitan has granted us a great article on the trend with an eye retrophones fashionista but both very true, evoking Vintage Mobile and words Djassem Haddad, our founder. And yes ... We completely agree with the team of Cosmopolitan: The new chic fashion, it is the Mobile Vintages!